Your Dream Sound, Curated

Clarisson Audio works with you to understand the sound you are seeking and put together the perfect audio system for you. Through our Concierge Service, we can recommend, procure, and install a bespoke solution that fits your budget, using new or pre-owned equipment, and leveraging favorite components you already have. Or you may just be looking for recommendations on a specific, nagging issue with your current audio setup. Either way, our goal is to help you spend quality time with your audio system, explore new music as well as rediscover classics.

The products featured on Clarisson Audio are created by audio artisans with years of experience in developing high-quality components. These designers aim for a clear sound without sacrificing musicality. Because Clarisson Audio’s approach is to work with components a user may already have, these featured products often are modular and can be configured to suit user requirements.

Through our Ask Clarisson column, we share our experience in finding the right combination of audio components and configuring them in perhaps a less than ideal listening room. Contact us at with specific questions you may have.