About Us

We believe the audiophile experience can be a life-enhancing journey to achieve inner peace and spread joy through the universal language of music. We do not subscribe to the notion of an absolute sound: Because everyone listens differently, there cannot be only one correct answer to the quest for beautiful sound. We want to share decades of knowledge we gained through our own quests to make your journey a worthwhile experience.


Vinh Vu spent 23 years at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies as a system engineer, product manager, and marketing manager for telecom switching systems, optical transmission systems, intelligent networks, and video products. He holds two patents in design of telecom systems and two patents for the Cloud Vibration Control System and the ARCHs. Vinh has been involved in high-end audio/video since 1990. He founded Gingko Audio in 2000, specializing in making custom acrylic dust covers for high-end turntables and soon extended the product line to award-winning vibration control platforms and speakers. Vinh has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University and a Master of Engineering in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Norm Ginsburg, Gingko Audio’s Marketing Director, has been involved in audio for more years than he cares to remember. After tinkering with home-brew electronics as a teenager, he built his first high-end system, a Dynakit amp, pre-amp and tuner, in the 60s. A graduate electrical engineer, he earned additional Masters degrees from the University of Illinois and the University of Southern California while pursuing a career in the Army as a communications officer. Following military service, he worked for AT&T and Lucent Technologies in marketing and product management. Upon his retirement from Lucent Technologies, he and Vinh began exploring general ways to improve audio system sound quality.