Featured Products

The products featured on Clarisson Audio are created by audio artisans with years of experience in developing high-quality components. These designers aim for a clear sound without sacrificing musicality. Because Clarisson Audio’s approach is to work with components a user may already have, these featured products often are modular and can be configured to suit user requirements.

DanaTone Head-Space Logo

DanaTone’s Head-Space Amplifier

With a first-of-its-kind circuitry design featuring Automatic Damping Factor (ADF), DanaTone's Head-Space produces a sound that combines the best attributes of tube and solid-state amplifiers - the tight, well-controlled bass that we expect from solid-state amps, the seductive midrange and sweet top end that tube amps are known for. The Head-Space can cover all your headphone needs: It is powerful enough to drive challenging loads like the HifiMan Susvara. With selectable attenuators, it also allows safe driving of efficient headphones like the Focal Utopia. Speaker-driving capability is available as an option. Each Head-Space unit is hand-crafted to match the customer's ...
Sextet Logo

Gingko Audio’s Sextet Speaker System

Gingko Audio's Sextet Speaker System builds on the Tubulous™ technology from Gingko Audio, the Swarm™ from AudioKinesis, and unique cabinet construction from Salk Sound. It is voiced for a natural, lively sound that one would hear at a concert. The result is not necessarily the ultra-detailed audiophile sound; that is not what you hear at live concerts. Instead, it is an evocative sound that lets the listener forget about sound and hear music. The Sextet's physical design will not draw attention to itself. Visually, as well as aurally, with the correct configuration, the system will blend into its environment, be ...

Gingko Audio’s ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier

Based on 20 years of experience in vibration control products, Gingko Audio's design for the ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier combines the best characteristics of several approaches: Constrained-Layered Damping — The ARCH consists of wood- and resin-based layers. This constrained-layer material filters vibration at different frequencies thus minimizing what is transmitted. The number of layers and their thicknesses vary across the different ARCH models to accommodate the varying weights of audio components.Suspension — With its curved shape, the ARCH works like a leaf spring, flexing under load to channel vertical vibration into smaller sub-components in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. The ...