Gingko Audio’s ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier

Based on 20 years of experience in vibration control products, Gingko Audio’s design for the ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier combines the best characteristics of several approaches:

  • Constrained-Layered Damping — The ARCH consists of wood- and resin-based layers. This constrained-layer material filters vibration at different frequencies thus minimizing what is transmitted. The number of layers and their thicknesses vary across the different ARCH models to accommodate the varying weights of audio components.
  • Suspension — With its curved shape, the ARCH works like a leaf spring, flexing under load to channel vertical vibration into smaller sub-components in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. The horizontal sub-components are not reflected vertically back to the audio component. This suspension-based approach is similar to Gingko Audio’s award-winning Cloud platform.
  • Spikes or Feet — The ARCH works well under spikes. But for better performance, it can be used instead of spikes.
ARCH ModelDescriptionMSRP
Equipment ARCH For audio equipment and speakers weighing more than 15 lbs. US$ 169 (set of 4)
Speaker ARCH Comes with stainless steel M6 bolts, washers, and nuts for convenient replacement of M6 spikes under speakers. US$ 199 (set of 4)
Cable ARCH Allows for three usages:
  • No insert – the cable rests directly on the slot provided in the ARCH base.
  • The cushioning tube is placed in the slot, and the cable rests perpendicularly on the tube.
  • The wood dowel is inserted into the cushioning tube, which is then placed in the slot; the cable rests perpendicularly on the tube.
US$ 249 (set of 4)
Mini ARCH For audio components such as preamps, digital sources, and lighter turntables weighing up to 15 lbs. Each Mini-ARCH piece can support a maximum load of 5 lbs. US$ 299 (set of 12)
ARCH Platform Acrylic platform designed for the ARCH. The regular size platform measures 18x14x1 inches. The medium platform is 20x16x1. The large platform is 22x18x1 and the jumbo platform is 24x20x1. US$ 499

Prices shown for the Equipment ARCH, Speaker ARCH, and Cable ARCH are for a matte black finish. Special finishes (mahogany, cherry, natural, white) are available at extra costs. For more information, contact us at

ARCH Designer

Vinh Vu got his start in vibration control products when he first heard how a whoopee cushion could improve the sound of his CD player. After exploring alternative designs and materials, Vinh developed the patented Cloud platform, which has been on the Stereophile’s Recommended Components List since 2004. More recently, he developed the ARCH specifically for use under speakers. Refinements to the initial design made the ARCH also suitable for other audio equipment and for cables ...

ARCH Reviews

Further sonic improvements were gained by placing the Mini-ARCHs under my Chord DAVE, sMS-200, tX-USBultra, and BRIX media server. This is quite nice given the form-factor, ease of use, and price of the ARCHs. I was also able to tune my system using various amounts of Mini-ARCHs under my source equipment. This worked especially well for the SOtM sMS-200. Having 8 Mini-ARCHs was a tad bright while using 4 struck a perfect balance. Tuning your system with vibration isolators sounds ridiculous but I think adjustability makes these ARCHs quite attractive. — Audio Bacon, Gingko Audio ARCH Vibration Control Platforms Review, ...