ARCH Designer

Vinh Vu got his start in vibration control products when he first heard how a whoopee cushion could improve the sound of his CD player. After exploring alternative designs and materials, Vinh developed the patented Cloud platform, which has been on the Stereophile’s Recommended Components List since 2004. More recently, he developed the ARCH specifically for use under speakers. Refinements to the initial design made the ARCH also suitable for other audio equipment and for cables.

Richard Carroll was instrumental in the early design effort of the Cable ARCH. His Cable Cubes were the predecessor of the current Cable ARCH and the ingenious application of the cushioned dowel was his invention. Richard has a Doctorate degree in Education and worked as a Clinical Psychologist for 30 years. He is a life-long audiophile who brings his analytical training and skills to the ARCH project.

Marlyn Holland is the “Golden Ear” tester of the ARCH project. The experience he gained from a 37-year career in IT service management and his interest in audio since a teenager made him uniquely qualified as jury and final judge of the ARCH’s efficacy. His knowledge of objective technology testing methods, blended with his passion for great sound, drives his desire to test the ARCH beyond what many audio enthusiasts may choose to explore. This attention to detail during the testing of the ARCH ensures that only the most effective designs pass his critical expectations of audible system benefits.

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