ARCH Reviews

Further sonic improvements were gained by placing the Mini-ARCHs under my Chord DAVE, sMS-200, tX-USBultra, and BRIX media server. This is quite nice given the form-factor, ease of use, and price of the ARCHs. I was also able to tune my system using various amounts of Mini-ARCHs under my source equipment. This worked especially well for the SOtM sMS-200. Having 8 Mini-ARCHs was a tad bright while using 4 struck a perfect balance. Tuning your system with vibration isolators sounds ridiculous but I think adjustability makes these ARCHs quite attractive. — Audio Bacon, Gingko Audio ARCH Vibration Control Platforms Review, May 10, 2017

On a fundamental level where judiciously employed, the Acoustic Resonance Clarifiers could make marked enhancements in the enunciation of information in the critical lower mid through upper octaves of an electronic component or loudspeaker. Such results require patience and come with a proviso.

Glen Wagenknecht, Gingko Audio ARCH, Audio Reviews, January 2018

The first impression was an increase in clarity and low level information. The proverbial lifting of veils happened producing images more three dimensional and lifelike. — Martin Appel, Ginko Audio ARCH Acoustic Resolution Clarifier, Audiophilia, November 22, 2017

The first thing you notice with the ARCHs is a big improvement to overall transparency and clarity. That alone is worth the price of admission. I also heard an expanded soundstage, improved imaging, incredible separation/layering, and a blacker background.

John Zurek, The Gingko Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ (ARCH), Positive Feedback, Issue 97, May 25, 2018

Everything I had enjoyed up to the insertion of the mini-ARCHs was now elevated. Individual instruments and voices in the music were easier to follow, existed in their own space and had improved tonal characteristics. This translates into better attach and more natural, extended decay (for example the strike of a cymbal and its shimmering tone as it fades off). Bass notes have better tone and are much clearer. — sjackso1, Vibration isolation – Gingko mini ARCHs, Audiogon Forum, March 31, 2018

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