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DanaTone’s Head-Space Amplifier

With a first-of-its-kind circuitry design featuring Automatic Damping Factor (ADF), DanaTone’s Head-Space produces a sound that combines the best attributes of tube and solid-state amplifiers – the tight, well-controlled bass that we expect from solid-state amps, the seductive midrange and sweet top end that tube amps are known for.

The Head-Space can cover all your headphone needs: It is powerful enough to drive challenging loads like the HifiMan Susvara. With selectable attenuators, it also allows safe driving of efficient headphones like the Focal Utopia. Speaker-driving capability is available as an option. Each Head-Space unit is hand-crafted to match the customer’s selections for this add-on and other customizable features.

The base MSRP for the Head-Space is US$ 8995. Contact us at info@clarissonaudio.com for more information.


All discrete transistor design
Fully regulated separate power supplies
Proprietary selective feedback technology
Unique output topology

Discrete all transistor design, Class AB push-pull (first 50mW pure class A) Non-transferable warranty: Repair parts and labor covered for one full year from purchase date.
Attenuators “out”: 34V peak-peak each channel; e.g., 60Ω (Susvara) 2.5W
Attenuators “in”: 7V peak-peak each channel; e.g., 80Ω (Utopia) 75mW
Signal inputs: line level, unbalanced RCA jacks L/R
Signal outputs: front panel ¼” TRS and 4-pin XLR jacks. Speaker outputs are optional.
AC power input: 120/240VAC, 50/60 Hz , 60W
Rear panel output attenuators: 15dB L/R
Size: 9.5″ W x 5.0″ H x 10.0″ D
Weight: 12 lbs.
  • DanaTone's Head-Space Amplifier
  • DanaTone's Head-Space Amplifier
  • DanaTone's Head-Space Amplifier

Head-Space Designer

Dana Robbins is an Electrical Engineer with a passion for motorcycle racing and music. After 25 years in high-tech industries from automotive to aerospace, Dana started Danacable to share with the audio world his design and engineering expertise. In less than 10 years, he developed a reputation for delighting customers with the "Dana Sound". Danacable's Lazulis are widely recognized as one of the best headphone cables in the world ...

Head-Space Reviews

"Arguably one of the most impressive products to debut at CanJam at RMAF was the yet-to-be-released Danatone Head-Space amplifier (price TBD). Developed by Dana Robbins, who is best known for his fantastic lineup of cables, the Head-Space uses a proprietary selective current feedback technology to deliver tight and impactful bass, euphonic mids and well-controlled treble. The soundscape was quite spacious, with very precise variations in imaging depth, width and height. Through the HIFIMAN HE1000, the Head-Space exuded lush musicality without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy." — Dave Hanson, Enjoy The Music, October 2016 ...