Head-Space Designer

Dana Robbins is an Electrical Engineer with a passion for motorcycle racing and music. After 25 years in high-tech industries from automotive to aerospace, Dana started Danacable to share with the audio world his design and engineering expertise. In less than 10 years, he developed a reputation for delighting customers with the “Dana Sound”. Danacable’s Lazulis are widely recognized as one of the best headphone cables in the world.

Dana’s A/B demos of headphone cables at audio shows are legendary in convincing customers that they can hear the difference. But he soon realized that the demo needed a headphone amplifier that delivers full spectrum sound. Prototyped in 2016, the Head-Space amplifier has been used in many audio shows since then. In 2020, Dana launched DanaTone to design and hand-craft a line of headphone amplifiers for the ultimate personal musical experience.

Danacable's Dana Robbins
Danacable’s Dana Robbins

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