Head-Space Reviews

“Arguably one of the most impressive products to debut at CanJam at RMAF was the yet-to-be-released Danatone Head-Space amplifier (price TBD). Developed by Dana Robbins, who is best known for his fantastic lineup of cables, the Head-Space uses a proprietary selective current feedback technology to deliver tight and impactful bass, euphonic mids and well-controlled treble. The soundscape was quite spacious, with very precise variations in imaging depth, width and height. Through the HIFIMAN HE1000, the Head-Space exuded lush musicality without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy.” — Dave Hanson, Enjoy The Music, October 2016

“The new Head-Space Amp from Danacable/Danatone is another masterful craftsmanship that you would expect nothing less from Dana. It is an amp that is incredibly powerful (enough to power speakers or headphones via an easy setting switch). It delivers the beauty, warmth, smoothness, and of course musicality of a top tier tube amp, while bringing something else that is a bit indescribable. It’s a convergence of incredible detail and warmth feels like the music absorbs you. You can go as loud as you like and can handle, and it handles it with a breeze. The volume knob is sensitive and feels good (possibly some may want a rubberized grip on it for that extra fine adjustment). But it is satisfying and enjoyable with immediate gratification, the music you want and how much of it you want. It delivers! The noise floor is ZERO, beautiful silence when not in use. This is not always the case with amps and definitely important as that hiss and noise leakage is distracting.” — H. L., July 2020

“The first thing I noticed was the volume of the sound. And I don’t mean loudness here. It’s more like the sound fills up the entire space. I started listening mainly with vocals and a few acoustic instruments (guitars, percussions) and all instruments and especially vocals sounded as if they had a strong presence and weight. I could feel the powerful amps behind ever-ready to generate power as needed. Definitely what I would call a warm sound. Between all the different sound ranges, I think the mid-range was what was the most prominent and memorable (with the first 1 hour listen), and what comes to my mind when I am thinking of the amp.” — H. M., August 2020

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