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Gingko Audio’s Sextet Speaker System

Gingko Audio’s Sextet Speaker System builds on the Tubulous™ technology from Gingko Audio, the Swarm™ from AudioKinesis, and unique cabinet construction from Salk Sound. It is voiced for a natural, lively sound that one would hear at a concert. The result is not necessarily the ultra-detailed audiophile sound; that is not what you hear at live concerts. Instead, it is an evocative sound that lets the listener forget about sound and hear music.

The Sextet’s physical design will not draw attention to itself. Visually, as well as aurally, with the correct configuration, the system will blend into its environment, be it a small room or a larger hall.

Gingko Audio’s Sextet

Monitor Speakers built on Gingko Audio’s Tubulous™ technology and experience with the ClaraVu™ and Clarissa LE™ speakers.
Powered Subwoofers, based on AudioKinesis’s Swarm Subwoofer System, with built-in amplifier and digital crossover to match the Sextet Monitors.
Primary and Outboard Passive Subwoofers (up to four units) that can be driven by an external sub amplifier in various configurations to suit the room’s acoustics.
Dedicated Stands designed for the Sextet Monitors.

Many audiophiles already own a pair of speakers they like, selected after careful research from many options on the market. These can be monitors on stands or full-range floor-standing models. However, most speakers have some limitations at the lowest frequencies. Getting the lowest 5 Hz of bass performance may double the cost of the speakers.

With the Sextet’s Swarm subwoofer system, the user can address these limitations while retaining much of the “personality” of their speaker’s sound. The subwoofers can be placed at different locations to fit into the room’s décor yet configured to yield the smoothest low frequencies performance. Each subwoofer can be connected in parallel or in series, in phase or out-of-phase, sealed or ported.

The integrated Sextet monitors can be added at a later date to complete the “Sextet Sound”.

MSRPs range from US$ 2000 for a Sextet Swarm 2 configuration (one powered sub with built-in amp and one passive outboard sub) to US$ 8995 for a Sextet 6.1 configuration (two Sextet monitors, two primary subs, two outboard subs, outboard sub amplifier). Walnut, cherry, and matte black are standard finishes; custom finishes can be accommodated at extra costs. For more information, contact us at

Sextet Designer

Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsburg, the duo behind Gingko Audio, met at Lucent Technologies developing telecommunications products and services. They shared not only an engineering mindset, but also a lifelong interest in audio and passion for music. Their motto for Gingko Audio was "We make your audio system look and sound like a million." Starting with museum-quality dust covers for high-end audio equipment, they soon branched into vibration control devices such as the Cloud platform and Acoustic Resonance Clarifier (ARCH) product lines. Along the way, they introduced several speaker designs, from the Tubulous™ to the ClaraVu monitors to the fully-configurable, ...

Sextet Reviews

The Gingko Audio Sextet was introduced at the Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland, in November 2019. Here are some first impressions from show attendees: "This was a masterful demo; one that clearly demonstrated why you need the extension provided by a full range speaker or a well-mated satellite/subwoofer system. It is not just deeper, more pitch defined, impactful bass, but the addition of the bloom and body, the more correct voicing, and the expansive space and dimensionality that it affords." — Greg Weaver of Enjoy The Music ...