Sextet Designer

Vinh Vu and Norm Ginsburg, the duo behind Gingko Audio, met at Lucent Technologies developing telecommunications products and services. They shared not only an engineering mindset, but also a lifelong interest in audio and passion for music. Their motto for Gingko Audio was “We make your audio system look and sound like a million.” Starting with museum-quality dust covers for high-end audio equipment, they soon branched into vibration control devices such as the Cloud platform and Acoustic Resonance Clarifier (ARCH) product lines. Along the way, they introduced several speaker designs, from the Tubulous™ to the ClaraVu monitors to the fully-configurable, modular Sextet system. Through it all, Vinh and Norm’s approach to audio can be summarized in the following principles:

  • Your audio Nirvana is your own. Trust your ear!
  • Know what you look for and explore ways to achieve it.
  • Be open to ideas and viewpoints, but when in doubt, go to #1.

Duke LaJeune is the creative force behind AudioKinesis™ (, an audio company in Texas that specializes in unique speaker system designs.

The Sextet Swarm System is a variant of the award-winning AudioKinesis Swarm System, utilizing smaller cabinets and drivers.

Jim Salk is President/Chief Designer of Salk Sound (, an audio company in Michigan known for high-performance, high-value speaker designs in gorgeous custom-finished cabinets.

The Sextet cabinets, available in custom finishes, are made to order by Salk Sound to meet stringent specifications and high quality standards.

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