Sextet Reviews

The Gingko Audio Sextet was introduced at the Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland, in November 2019. Here are some first impressions from show attendees:

“This was a masterful demo; one that clearly demonstrated why you need the extension provided by a full range speaker or a well-mated satellite/subwoofer system. It is not just deeper, more pitch defined, impactful bass, but the addition of the bloom and body, the more correct voicing, and the expansive space and dimensionality that it affords.”

Greg Weaver of Enjoy The Music

“There were two rooms running Ginko speakers and both systems were very good sounding. One was a $10,000 system running in one of the big rooms which sounded beautifully balanced, natural, and relaxed, without sounding lifeless. The small stand-mounted speaker in another room (I think it was $3,000) sounded very good too-very well balanced and natural sounding.”

— Larryi on Steve Hoffman Forum

“Gingko Audio had for me, the most realistic soundstage with their Sextet speakers that include 2 monitor speakers and 4 subs in a swarm arrangement. Excellent imaging, and the bass was spot on.”

— Rusty on Audio Circle

“Gingko audio had small speakers in a small room and bigger speakers in a big room. I only spent a small amount of time in each room, but they both accomplished the naturalness and dimensionality that hits me hardest when it’s there and leaves me least engaged when it’s not.”

— willsw on Super Best Audio Friends

The Sextet has also been reviewed by Brett Rudolph at Enjoy The Music (it received Enjoy The Music’s Best of 2021 Blue Note Award):

“The Gingko Audio Sextet is a very well thought out system of components. The Sextet comes in multiple configurations aimed at nearly every scenario, either in place or in someone’s dreams. . . . You haven’t heard everything your system has to offer until you have listened to it with the Gingko Audio Sextet installed. Admittedly, this was one of the most desirable speaker systems I have ever given back. If the time comes for me to add equipment, the Sextet is on a concise list of things I want, and that should tell you something.”

— Brett Rudolph, Enjoy The Music, November 2020

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